Featured Article: Oracle's new 'PULA' license promises unlimited database use in perpetuity

Oracle has come under considerable fire over the years for its restrictive license terms and aggressive audit program, but it appears at least some change is on the way.

By Katherine Noyes

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 Oracle finally targets Java non-payers – six years after plucking Sun

Thought Java was 'free'? Think again (and you owe us $$$ in 2017)

By Gavin Clarke

IRS suspends contract with Equifax after malware discovered

The IRS said late Thursday that it has temporarily suspended the agency's $7.1 million data security contract with Equifax (EFX) after malware found on the credit bureau's website again called its security systems into question.

By Kathy Kristof​

Microsoft: No, it's not an audit

"Says customers wrongly equate asset management with a licensing audit; expert counters, tells enterprises not to fall for Microsoft's 'nice words'"

By Gregg Keizer

 How NASA Saved $100 Million on Software Licenses

"Using a specialized Software Asset Management tool and other strategies, the space agency uncovered software consolidation opportunities."

By Wylie Wong

 Cisco Creates a Universal Software Licensing Agreement Across Products

"Cisco has created a software licensing agreement for use across its product areas, including collaboration, security, and infrastructure products."

By Linda Hardesty

 Watch out: Oracle plants $23,000 licensing booby trap in 12c upgrade

"Oracle will charge $23,000 per processor if you inadvertently switch on the in-memory database option"

By Mark Flynn

 Adobe stops software licence audits in Americas, Europe

"Don't pop the champagne: it means Adobe is coining it in the cloud without licence checks"

By Simon Sharwood

 High Court rules for SAP, against Diageo in indirect licensing case

"Judge rejects Diageo’s submission that SAP PI is a “gatekeeper” licence for gaining access to the SAP suite of applications and database"

By Brian McKenna

How Oracle tackles licensing discrepancies

"The recent publication of court filings from a licence dispute case shows a catalogue of 'damaging' techniques the supplier used following an audit"

by Cliff Saran

There Are No Liquid Lunches in the Cloud

"Software sales pitches are becoming a lot less about golf and a lot more about products"

by Peter Burrows